Local, independent bookstores often hold a special place among the hearts of authors. The Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale has hosted thousands of author events and the owner recently launched a foundation to support new authors.
The Business Of Books: Phoenix-Area Bookstores Connecting Communities
3 hours ago
A new drug for PTSD hasn’t come onto the market in more than a decade. But a renaissance in psychedelic research is now offering hope. MDMA-assisted psychotherapy is a promising turn in one woman’s search for a way out of PTSD.
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Arizona Agriculture Companies Join USDA-Led Taiwan Trade Mission
Two Arizona-based companies are in Taiwan this week as part of a trade mission led by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The goal is to open new agriculture markets in the Asian country. Phoenix-based company Vet Instinct joined 49 businesses and groups with agriculture connections on the mission.
23 minutes ago
Documentary Explores Automation And American Dream
The U.S. Labor Department reported that the nation added 196,000 new jobs in March, with unemployment remaining at 3.8 percent, and optimism continues overall for the 2019 economy.
1 hour ago
Plan To Tax Soda Statewide In California Goes Up In Fizz
A proposal in California to tax soda appears dead after its sponsor said he’d delay a vote until next year. While there are currently soda taxes in a handful of California cities, the state legislature last year passed a law banning any new local soda taxes.
1 hour ago
Chandler Child Safety Case Garners National Attention
A case involving three Chandler children taken from their parents by the Department of Child Safety is garnering national attention.
1 hour ago
Does A Lack Of Civics Education Affect Voting?
How interested are Americans in voting? How much of a generational difference are we seeing when it comes to high-efficacy voting? And, finally, does the deemphasizing of civics education in schools affect that?
48 minutes ago

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In her new book Cribsheet, economist Emily Oster offers a lifeline to parents overwhelmed by contradictory parenting guidance. She offers a data-driven, and common-sense, approach to raising a baby.
If Melinda Gates had fully owned her goal — writing a book that would strengthen some readers' abortion-rights convictions and open others' minds — she would have called for greater advocacy.
The 82-year-old British actor is currently playing Shakespeare's famed tragic figure on Broadway. "Doors have opened for women that were firmly locked many decades ago," she says.
Rescuers continue to search for survivors of Monday's quake, which trapped people in a collapsed supermarket in Pampanga province and caused panicked office workers to flee buildings in Manila.
Wing's drones are made to deliver a wide range of items — including coffee, chocolate and burritos — from local merchants to their customers.