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Here and Now is a one-hour talk show that airs from eleven to noon on Wednesdays and Fridays. The program focuses on public policy and politics in Arizona, but regularly examines legal, social, medical, economic and environmental issues. The goal is to provide in-depth information and analysis without all the rhetoric you’ll often find on talk radio. Listeners also play an important role by calling in or posting questions and comments online.

Here and Now is hosted by Steve Goldstein, who grew up in the valley and hosts All Things Considered weekday afternoons. Steve has a keen interest in state history and public policy which is reflected in the depth of research he does for each show and the quality of questions he asks guests. Goldstein was named Best Radio Talk Show Host by Phoenix New Times Best of 2008.

Here and Now is produced by Paul Atkinson, who has covered public policy and politics in Arizona for almost two decades. Paul seeks a wide range of topics that help listeners better understand what’s going on and why. When booking guests, he wants informed, articulate people who’ll complement—rather than talk over—each other and without all the rhetoric.

Nick Blumberg is the show's associate producer. A Chicago native, Nick is a long time NPR fan and valuable member of the KJZZ news team. The music we use at the beginning and end of the show was created by Tony Ganzer. The music we use going into our break was written and performed by Kevan Nymeyer

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Upcoming Show

Here & Now: Medical Marijuana Rules / Effective Policing

Here and Now examines concerns over proposed regulations for doctors and dispensaries involved with medical marijuana. Arizona Department of Health Services director Will Humble and AZ DHS chief medical officer Laura Nelson, M.D. outline the proposed rules and the comments received about them. We'll also hear from physician Edgar Suter who is already advertising his services for patients looking to utilize medical marijuana.

Host Steve Goldstein also speaks with former L.A. and N.Y. City police chief Bill Bratton and criminology professor George Kelling about what can be done to improve the effectiveness of local police. They'll also talk about the difficulty placed on police by being thrust into enforcing immigration policy.

Plus, Ken LeFavre talks about the local performance of A Reduced History of Classical Music.

You can call 480.774.8200 to join the discussion or post post your comments and questions below, on Twitter and Facebook or send us an email here .

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