Arizona Elections

The question of who is an American should be relatively easy to define, because it’s different than asking who is an American citizen. Clashes over immigration policy, though, have made the conversation much more dramatic and uncomfortable.
A new poll suggests the pump is primed for progressive political candidates in Arizona in 2018.
Feb. 14, 2018
An Arizona House committee backed a plan to send the 2016 voter-approved minimum wage hike and paid sick leave initiative back to the ballot.
Feb. 13, 2018
A new 50-state election security report from the Center for American Progress finds that most election systems remain vulnerable to hacking and other interference by foreign governments.
Feb. 13, 2018
Voters will consider a slate of six city council candidates and three ballot propositions.
Feb. 6, 2018
Grassroots organizations who helped promote Arizona's Proposition 206 want to make sure its provisions remain intact as approved by voters in November 2016.
Jan. 30, 2018
Voters in Arizona's 8th Congressional district have until 11:59pm on Monday to register to vote for the primary.
Jan. 29, 2018
For the second night in a row, a debate was held in the special election to replace Trent Franks. This time, it was the Democrats’ turn.
Jan. 26, 2018
With talks of Arizona turning purple, does a moderate Democrat have a chance at a statewide election? This story looks back to see how Arizona’s past may mirror today’s politics.
Jan. 26, 2018
Republican candidates in the 8th Congressional District race debated in Phoenix Wednesday night.
Jan. 25, 2018
Former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s entrance into the Arizona Senate race has shaken up an already crowded field of competitors.
Jan. 18, 2018
Congresswoman Martha McSally Running For Senate
With the vintage fighter plane she would later climb into and fly into Phoenix as her backdrop, Southern Arizona Congresswoman Martha McSally announced Friday morning she is running for Sen. Jeff Flake’s seat.
Jan. 12, 2018
After teasing it for months, former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said he is running for U.S. Senate.
Jan. 10, 2018
The Takeaway: John Kasich On
Kasich remains critical of President Trump, saying he prefers to support a leader who unifies the country. But he hasn't ruled out supporting the president in 2020, should Trump run. Dec 19, 2017
Dec. 19, 2017
Is it possible to look at these special elections in the aggregate and take anything away that could be useful to think about heading into next year’s elections?
Dec. 15, 2017
The election of Alabama Democrat Doug Jones to the U.S Senate could bring even more attention and money to Arizona’s 2018 race to replace Republican Senator Jeff Flake.
Dec. 13, 2017
Current Arizona law requiring state lawmakers wanting to run for Congress to vacate their local seats before entering the race threatens to create a string of political vacancies.
Dec. 12, 2017
Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has announced the dates for the upcoming special election to replace U.S. Rep.Trent Franks in Congress.
Dec. 11, 2017
Mitt Romney was one of the first high-profile members of the GOP to come out strongly against how then-candidate Trump was acting and treating others during last fall’s campaign.
Dec. 5, 2017
“We’re simply trying to give the voter the opportunity to make informed decisions and to know who is trying to influence their election,” said City Councilwoman Lauren Kuby, who helped craft the change and has worked on other election spending initiatives in Tempe.
Nov. 28, 2017
Republican Gov. Doug Ducey says he would prefer that the GOP was running someone other than Roy Moore to fill a vacant U.S. Senate seat in Alabama after seven women accused Moore of sexual misconduct. Some of the women were underage at the time.
Nov. 23, 2017