Tempe Election Voter Registration Deadline Nears

By Mariana Dale
Published: Tuesday, February 6, 2018 - 4:48pm

The city of Tempe could elect up to three new city council members in March’s election.

Tempe residents need to register to vote by next Monday, February 12 for the city’s first all mail-in election. Ballots will go out on Wednesday, February 14. If you’re already registered to vote, it should arrive promptly.

Voters will consider a slate of six city council candidates and three ballot proposition.

Council member David Schapira is leaving his seat to run for Superintendent of Public Instruction. Vice Mayor Robin Arredondo Savage and Council member Lauren Kuby are up for re-election.

The challengers are former Tempe public works employee Jennifer Adams, attorney Sarah Kader, neighborhood organizer Justin Stewart and businesswoman Genevieve Vega.  

The ballot initiatives range from the creation of the Papago Park Preserve to increasing Tempe’s spending limit.

Voters also will decide on a measure that would reveal the financial backers of dark money expenditures in city elections.

Ballots must be received by election day, Tuesday, March 13.

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